The garbage disposal is an increasingly common accessory in homes. This appliance is usually installed in the sink of the kitchens and its operation is very simple: it incorporates a small engine that crushes the organic garbage (mainly food waste) and evacuates it from the sink by means of the tap water coming out of the tap.

However, when installing a trash crusher in your home you must have several aspects in mind. We will explain:

Lower space adapted. As we said, garbage disposers are usually placed in the space under the sink. Therefore, it is important that this gap is large enough for the crusher to fit.

Sink adapted. Sinks in which a garbage disposer is installed usually have a wider mouth for food to be deposited. Therefore, not all conventional sinks are adapted and are valid for this system.
Trash crushers have been talked about in recent times, especially in issues related to regulations and the care of the environment. However, these problems are already solved.

The old disposals incorporated blades that did not completely destroy the food remains but made them small pieces that jammed the pipes. With the new regulations, the food grinders are adapted and are manufactured to completely destroy the leftovers and not cause these jams. The Waste King L-2600 is a good example of one that will destroy anything you can put down it.


Advantages of a Garbage Disposal

There are many advantages that can give you a garbage disposal for your home, for your kitchen, for your restaurant, below we go over some of them.


With a trash crusher, you can convert food scraps into a liquid to pour down the sink drain. Therefore, one of the main advantages of using a garbage disposer is that the waste in the cube is considerably reduced.


Trash cans with organic debris such as food waste are one of the main sources of batteries and insects. With the trash crusher, you will pour those waste through the sink and you will have a more hygienic and ecological home.


Are these daily trips heavy on the trash container? According to manufacturers, up to 70% of the garbage that accumulates every day in the home comes from organic debris and food waste. Thanks to a garbage disposal you will reduce considerably the amount of garbage generated in your home and you will avoid some trips to the trash.

Things Consider When Buying a Garbage Disposal

It does not support all the trash. The garbage that can pass through a crusher of this type is only organic, that is, food remains that are generally small and soft and can be easily destroyed by the blades. The rest of garbage elements like plastics, paper, cartons. we must deposit them in a separate container to recycle. If we introduce these materials into a garbage disposer, two things could happen: first, that we ruin the garbage disposer since it is not made for this type of material; Secondly, that we cause a jam, because these materials will not completely decompose and can clog the pipes. If you cause a jam you may have to reset your garbage disposal.

Watch out for some organic waste. You must be careful with some fibrous elements that you deposit in the garbage disposal. For example the remains of celery, corn husks, onions, usually are a type of compound similar to hair that is not completely destroyed by the blades and can block the pipes and the crusher itself.

Garbage Disposal Considerations