Pitbull is a very intelligent dog and he likes to please his master. This makes his education rather easy but to take very seriously.

His education must be carried out from an early age, in a healthy and balanced environment.

The breeding in the presence of other dogs is also a determining factor.

This ensures that the Pitbull becomes a very nice and affectionate dog. Contrary to popular belief, he is not an aggressive dog from birth to humans or anyone else.

He has a character player, but very stubborn. It learns easily and quickly.

He loves to be congratulated and rewarded. This sports dog is always ready to exercise, never tires and has an extraordinary energy and vitality.

It is also powerful, and therefore it needs to channel its energy in a positive and constructive way.

This type of dog was bred for his aggressiveness to the other dog of the fight, but not against his master. They are loyal, possess much strength and courage.do

Do pitbulls make good watch dogs?  Yes! Pitbulls are a good watchdog, he should be able to distinguish well-meaning strangers from those who are not. It can become dangerous if treated roughly, of course, it is valid for any breed of dog.

Its aggression is for the “prey” type, it does not give any notice and attack until the death of the prey since it is indeed the aim this type of aggression. Its jaw has powerful masseter muscles and the dog does not let go its prey. These forms of attack are among the most dangerous.

The factors favoring such behavior are frequently to be found in a poor phase of socialization (lack of contact with various external stimuli, with children, cats, other dogs, elderly or disabled people, etc.) and false education (inappropriate games, encouragement of the bite, disrespect of other people, etc.).

The non-owners of dogs sometimes forget that their behavior can awaken a hunting instinct in any dog. Children are taught not to throw themselves on an unknown dog by hugging it.

The prohibition of certain breeds is also undesirable from a scientific point of view, moreover, the physical appearance of the dog does not give any information about its character.

The owner of a dog is responsible for the behavior of the dog. This is why it is essential to educate it properly, preferably by calling on a professional, a step almost impossible to circumvent if you plan to use it for your own defense.

Even if it is only a question of entrusting him with the custody of your house, certain bases of dressage must be applied.

In the first place, you must gradually impose your authority on it, thanks to a few little tricks.

For example, always go ahead of him when you step out of a room and do not allow him to sit at your side on your couch or enter your room. Give him a basket or a niche, which must be the only territory belonging to him. During the walks, impose him the port of the leash.

It will take him some time to assimilate these rules.

Reward him when he does, and scold him when he breaks them.

Beyond these principles, it is recommended to acquire a specialized manual, which will allow you to know the steps to apply for its education.


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